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tree stump

Why Should I Remove The Dead Tree in My Yard?

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If there’s a tree in your yard that is super old and has seen better days, you might be wondering if and when you need to get rid of it. Start off by looking for signs of tree death. If you think your once lush tree is nearing the end of its lifespan, there are

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pruning a tree

The Benefits of Pruning Your Trees

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Trees are an important part of nature. They provide oxygen to the surrounding environment and add value in many other ways. For animals that need them as shelter, to property owners that enjoy their aesthetics, the value of a tree can be measured in many different ways. Like any other asset, the value of trees

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flower growing out of the ground

When to Plant Seeds for Flowers

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Starting flower seeds indoors can give you a head start to the growing season. Knowing what time to start planting flower seeds depends on the climate of where you live, and the hardiness of the flowers you want to plant. Cool season flowers are hardier to the colder temperatures you might see in the early

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green grass

The Benefits of Hydroseeding

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Hydroseeding is a cost-effective choice and allows you to have a beautiful lawn. This is the wave of the future, and gives you a healthy lawn with faster germination. It involves a process of seed and mulch that creates a slurry and is spread around the ground. Quality of Hydroseed Hydroseed lawns are healthier, longer

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arborist removing tree in winter

3 Benefits of Removing Trees in the Winter

Staying productive during the cold winter months is hard, but sometimes being productive just means letting a professional do the work for you! Removing trees from your property is something that you probably don’t consider a winter activity, but you’re wrong. There are actually many benefits to removing trees in the winter rather than during

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Benefits of a Crane Service for Construction Work

For construction projects large and small, cranes can play an important role. While a smaller project may not require a crane service, a larger project can benefit exponentially from hiring a crane service. Below are a few benefits of hiring a crane service to assist you. 5 Benefits of Hiring a Crane Service Speeding Up the

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Grass Types for Northern Lawns

When landscaping a yard selecting the correct turfgrass for the region we live in will promote the most beautiful, strong, long-lasting and healthy grass. Lawn installation and care are also easier when we choose what fits our geographical region, in certain areas hydroseeding may be a good option. Bentgrass This type of grass is common

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5 Ways to Make Your Small Yard Look Bigger

Having a small yard can be hard to accept if we love to spend time outdoors enjoying it but there are many simple landscaping and lawn care tips that can be done to create the illusion of more space where there is none. Some of them simple while others might be a bit more challenging.

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lawn mowed with stripes

5 Decorative Mowing Patterns to Try

Your lawn is a very important piece of how others perceive your home. It is no surprise that many homeowners spend a considerable amount of time and/or money to make their lawns look nice. Lawn patterns are one way to make your lawn stand out. They can also be used to hide irregularities or damaged

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man on a tree limb trimming a branch

Five Benefits of Tree Pruning

The summer months are a prime time to have most of the yard work you had envisioned in the winter become a reality. One of the popular projects of the summer is hiring a tree service to take care of your tree. While stump grinding and tree removal are the far more common types of

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tree cutter

3 Types of Equipment Used by Tree Service Professionals

If you are considering removing a tree from your yard, you might have a couple of important questions. Hopefully, your first question is ‘Do I need to hire an Arborist?’ The truth is, tree removal can be especially dangerous and if you lack the proper equipment-this can be potentially unsafe and risky business. Or, maybe

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saw grinding a tree stump

Benefits of Stump Grinding

We all love hanging out in the yard for the summer but If you’ve recently tripped over a stump while playing with your kids, it’s time to consider getting some lawn care done. This important role in tree removal aids in the overall achievement of your lawn and is a quick-effective process. If you are

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What is Softscape Landscaping?

The term “softscape” is not used as regularly as “hardscape” when talking about landscape design. These are the two main landscape design elements, but they are not opposite of each other; instead, they speak to two different features, but together, they can make landscape practical. Let’s focus on softcaping and learn a bit more about

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hydroseeding for residential home

What is Hydroseeding & Its Benefits?

When it comes to landscaping and yard care, having green, lush lawn is generally desirable. However, a lawn can become damaged resulting from things like foot traffic, injury to the grass and pet urine. A damaged lawn can lead to empty spots in your yard where the grass has died. It is possible to fill

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rolled up sod

Advantages & Disadvantages of Grass Seed or Sod

As the winter snow melts and we all start daydreaming about hosting summer picnics and family gatherings it is time to look at our lawns and see what the damage is. In landscaping, there has to be a decision between maintaining your current lawn or starting over. A general landscape rule of thumb is that

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backyard paver block patio

What Is Hardscape Landscape Construction?

Aside from regular landscaping services, Dudley’s Tree and Landscape specializes in hardscape construction for residents in and around Methuen, MA and Salem, NH. When it comes to different times of landscaping services, hardscaping is something that most people know little about. This is mostly due to the fact that the term hardscape is not as

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man cutting fallen tree with chainsaw

Winter Tree Care Tips For The New Year

Just because winter is here doesn’t mean you should stop caring for your trees.  In fact, winter is the perfect time to take care of some much-needed tree service that you shouldn’t do in the summer. Crown Reduction Crown reduction is a type of tree pruning that is best to be completed in the winter

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man on a tree limb trimming a branch

Tree Trimming Throughout The Year

Tree trimming can seem like a daunting task, but there are some benefits to trimming and pruning during any time of the year to get started on proper tree care. Exactly what type of care may depend on the type of tree and you will need to consider the life cycle of the tree itself.

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man trimming tree branches

3 Quick Tree Care Tips for the Fall

From amateur to seasoned gardeners alike, a lot of focus can be zeroed in on flower beds and shrubs. Trees may or may not get any of that focus even though they can be just as important to your overall landscape. While there are things that can be done every season to help keep trees

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crane being used to remove a tree

4 Benefits of Tree Removal Services

The summertime is a season for people to enjoy the warm weather, travel to desired destinations they planned during the winter, and to enjoy cookouts with friends and family. Many people use the warm weather to do yardwork projects for their home to make it look like the dream home they envisioned when they first

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Open House

Simple Preparations for a Successful Open House

It’s cliché, but it’s true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When you’re selling a home, an open house provides the perfect opportunity to attract buyers—and you’ll want to do all you can to put your home’s best foot forward. Curb appeal The very first thing people see when

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Large Rocks Can be Used for Landscaping Projects

Rocks can be a nuisance when they’re in your yard, pebbles and small rocks make daily landscaping tasks like gardening and lawn mowing a hassle and even painful! If you have large rocks in your yard, instead of hastily getting the removed, consider the alternative. Large rocks can be used as great landscaping tools and

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What is the Difference Between Softscape and Hardscape?

Landscape is such a general term but when people think landscape they often think lawn, garden, and other living features of a yard. While this is true, there is actually much more to a landscape than just trees, grass, and bushes. Landscape can be broken down into two main categories, or types of landscape. There

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Fallen Tree in Yard

How to Spot a Dangerous Tree

Something homeowners may not even think about, or just happen to overlook, is the possibility of a dangerous tree threatening their home. Massive trees may add beauty to your home and surrounding property, but there may be a risk accompanying that beauty. Large trees near your home have the potential to fall over or break

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Sod Installation

Seed, Sod, or Hydroseed?

If you’re thinking of getting a new lawn, or redoing your yard, the choices of which kind of grass to go with can seem overwhelming. Grass, seed, or hydroseed? Trying to decide which seeding method to use when looking at pros and cons of each seeding type. The truth is, neither one is wrong, or

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Popular Uses for Mobile Crane Service

Need a lift? Dudley’s Tree and Landscape is here to provide year-round crane services — and not just for landscaping uses. Our professional craning company has decades of experience yielding large cranes to get the job done. We’re fully insured and have some of the best rates in the Haverhill and Methuen area. Cranes are

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Tree removal using crane

Why Choose Crane Service for Your Company

Did you know Dudley’s Tree and Landscape provides year-round crane services to companies and contractors in Haverhill and surrounding areas? Craning is a quick and easy way to get a project done when you need to do some heavy lifting. Instead of opting for a forklift (which can be dangerous) or trying to recruit the

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Landscaping in Salem NH: 5 Best Fall Projects

It’s officially fall and the southern New Hampshire area is gearing up for peak fall foliage weather. There’s nothing better than enjoying your outdoor space and looking at the beautiful colors than enjoying it from a yard you’re proud of. Dudley’s Tree and Landscape is here to provide landscaping service for Salem NH and surrounding

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Benefits of Planting During the Fall Season

We’re set to have a beautiful Fall this year with warmer-than-usual temperatures, and that means it’s going to be ideal planting season! Our landscaping company in Haverhill provides homeowners with tree, shrub, annual and perennial planting services during the Fall season. If there’s one thing our professionals want you to know, it’s that Fall is

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Is Hydroseeding Best For Your New Lawn?

When it comes to installing a new lawn in your new build home, you have a few options to choose from. For those who want a natural-looking lawn instantly, sod installation is the route to take. Have plenty of time on your hands and this isn’t your first rodeo? A hand-seeded lawn is the best

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Gear Up For Fall: Request Tree Pruning Services Today

As we approach September and the Fall season, our landscaping and tree service company recommends that homeowners take a walk around their property to assess their large shrubs and trees. When to request tree pruning service The spring and summer months are the growing season for hardwoods and shrubs, so you may be surprised to

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5 Ways to Transform an Old Tree Stump

It’s always a sad sight to have a beautiful tree fall down in your yard; you may be left feeling as empty as your yard looks. After you’ve contacted Dudley’s Tree and Landscape for tree removal services, you have a choice to make: to keep the remaining stump or remove it? There are a few key reasons

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5 Essential Summer Lawn Care Tips

Mid summer means soaring temperatures and less rainfall — and less rain means withered lawns. Homeowners spend countless hours every week during the summer months to ensure that their lawns get enough water, because a dead lawn can be costly to fix. At our lawn care company in Haverhill MA, our goal is to make

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When Should I Request Tree Removal Service?

When it comes to landscaping, not many homeowners are thinking about the existing trees they have on their property. The majority of the focus goes to garden beds and hardscaping. However, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your trees. Just like all living things, trees will eventually die — whether this is due

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Get Your Yard Ready for Independence Day Weekend

Although Independence Day weekend is just under a month away, it’s never too late to start thinking about prepping for your outdoor party this year! Our landscaping company is here to provide the Haverhill, Methuen, North Andover and surrounding areas with landscape service and lawn care in order to help you get ready for having

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Why Stump Grinding Services Is Important

As a homeowner, you’ve most likely had to deal with the removal of a tree at one point or another. Whether the tree fell on it’s own accord and had to be removed, or it was a conscious decision to remove it, any tree removal leaves behind a stump. After tree removal services from a

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What Is Hydroseeding?

Need a new lawn this season but aren’t sure what option is best for your property or your wallet? Our Haverhill landscape and lawn care company recommends hydroseeding for those who are looking for new lawn installation services. We’re sure you’re familiar with the appearance of hydroseed; it’s that blue-ish green layer that’s sprayed on top

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Spring Lawn Care Tips to Consider

Spring is finally here and it’s safe to say that we’ve seen the last of the bad weather. With warmer weather comes outdoor season — but with one caveat: A long list of Things To Do regarding yard work and lawn prep. If you aren’t sure what should even be on your list this season,

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