3 Benefits of Removing Trees in the Winter

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arborist removing tree in winter

3 Benefits of Removing Trees in the Winter

Staying productive during the cold winter months is hard, but sometimes being
productive just means letting a professional do the work for you! Removing trees
from your property is something that you probably don’t consider a winter activity,
but you’re wrong. There are actually many benefits to removing trees in the winter
rather than during the spring or summer. Check out a few of the most notable ones

Benefits of Winter Tree Removal

1. Preparing Trees for Spring

For trees that just need dead branches and limbs removed, known as tree pruning, doing this in the winter will better prepare the trees for spring. When spring rolls around the tree will be able to grow and flourish quickly in the spring. By replacing the removed sections with new growth, your trees will look better than ever before.


2. Reduced Winter Damage Risk

Snow, ice, and heavy winds all work together to create an increased risk of winter damage from trees. Snow and ice weigh down the limbs of trees, potentially causing them to snap, while harsh winds can actually blow them completely off. If you invest in tree removal services early in the winter, you’ll get to enjoy a reduced risk of winter damage through the rest of the season. Healthy trees should not snap or break from winter weather. A professional tree removal service is able to identify trees that are dead or dying and those that may pose a safety risk this winter.


3. Easier Removal

Trees obviously don’t have leaves in the winter like they do the rest of the year. This bare appearance may not be the prettiest, but it makes the job of a tree removal professional much easier! They’ll be able to get a clear look at the trees on your property to evaluate which trees are healthy and which trees need to be removed. If only certain branches or limbs needs to be removed, they won’t have to work around all of the leaves from nearby, healthy branches! The cool weather leads people to believe they have to wait for spring to contact a tree removal service, but working in the cold actually makes the job easier on them.


Make your winter a productive one by contacting a tree removal service and cleaning up the exterior of your home! Even if you don’t need entire trees removed, there are likely some dead branches that need to go before spring arrives. Winter tree removal is more popular than you think, so don’t wait too long to call!

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