3 Quick Tree Care Tips for the Fall

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3 Quick Tree Care Tips for the Fall

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From amateur to seasoned gardeners alike, a lot of focus can be zeroed in on flower beds and shrubs. Trees may or may not get any of that focus even though they can be just as important to your overall landscape. While there are things that can be done every season to help keep trees healthy and looking their best, in the fall season just remember to “R.I.B.” your trees.

  • Rehydrate –  Frost below ground. Snow, ice, and dry air conditions above ground. Winter is hard on just about everything. Autumn is a good time to think about ways to keep moisture in the soil so the trees can survive the winter. Consider adding extra fertilizer around trees and make sure they get plenty of water, just like your other plant life.
  • Infestation –  Be aware of common infestations in your region and what damage from these infestations look like. A professional tree service will know what needs to be done to remedy the issue. If you begin to notice eaten leaves, early leaf color change, or early leaf loss, find your local tree service to come to take a look. If any infestation goes too far, it could result in the death of the tree removal of the tree entirely.
  • Branches –  Keep an eye out for branches that could pose a threat to the safety of both life and property. Tree pruning might be easier as a home project if the trees are young and not quite tall enough to require a large ladder. For large trees, however, professional tree trimming will be necessary. Broken branches or dead branches ought to be removed as soon as possible.

Fairly simple steps are all that is needed to make sure the trees on your property make it through the winter.  Just remember to provide similar attention as garden beds and understand your limits. If you are looking for a professional tree service company, contact us today!

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