Five Benefits of Tree Pruning

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man on a tree limb trimming a branch

Five Benefits of Tree Pruning

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The summer months are a prime time to have most of the yard work you had envisioned in the winter become a reality. One of the popular projects of the summer is hiring a tree service to take care of your tree. While stump grinding and tree removal are the far more common types of tree services, tree pruning, or trimming, is probably one of the most important services. Below are five benefits to tree pruning and why it is considered such an important maintenance task for the trees on your property.

5 Benefits of Tree Trimming


While not known to many, tree trimming is actually a task that helps preserve the health of a tree. The removal of dead or dying branches helps prevent the spreading of decay on the tree. In addition, with fewer branches, the tree can benefit from more sun exposure and air circulation which will lead to the growth of new and healthy branches.


When a tree has overgrown branches that hang low it gives an unappealing look to not only the tree but overall property. For businesses, overgrown trees can hurt a commercial property’s image and could affect the amount of business that comes in. By having a well-maintained tree, you will create a positive impression on both residential and commercial properties that gives an inviting feel.

Sunlight Distribution

When you have a tree filled with branches old and new, the amount of sunlight that goes to the ground beneath the tree is limited. This means that you probably can’t have other plants around the tree as a compliment as they won’t get any sunlight to thrive. By removing excess branches, you will be able to have new plants below the tree that will make a for a beautiful arrangement.


If you have an overgrown tree near your house, then you run the risk of tree branches damaging your home during bad weather. Whether its the branches falling off the tree and landing on your house or the branches rubbing against your home leaving marks. In addition, trees that are not trimmed properly, they could run into powerlines that could create power outages.


Tree pruning affects the shape of a tree when you apply the service to young trees still growing. When you prune a young tree you promote good branch structure as well as it compensating for root loss. Whenever you add new trees to your property, whether residential or commercial, you can prune them so they grow in the shape you want to complement your property.

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