5 Decorative Mowing Patterns to Try

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5 Decorative Mowing Patterns to Try

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Your lawn is a very important piece of how others perceive your home. It is no surprise that many homeowners spend a considerable amount of time and/or money to make their lawns look nice. Lawn patterns are one way to make your lawn stand out. They can also be used to hide irregularities or damaged areas of grass. With the right tools and some creativity, you can have the best lawn on the block.


This is the most commonly used mowing pattern for homeowners. It makes lawns look nice and neat. It is also the simplest pattern to create. To create the striped pattern, use a mower with a roller attached. Then mow back and forth between the ends of the lawn.


A checkerboard is a more intricate pattern than simple stripes, but it is also fairly easy to create. It is a bit more time-consuming, and you will want to make sure you keep the blades of the lawnmower at a high enough height so that the grass can be mowed twice. To create the checkerboard, mow a stripe pattern either horizontally or vertically across your landscape. Then create a second set of stripes on top of the first, running perpendicular.


A diamond pattern is very similar to a checkerboard pattern. The difference is that instead of making the second set of lines perpendicular, you will just make them diagonal compared to the first set of lines. This creates an elegant twist to the diamond pattern.


A bullseye is almost impossible to do with a push mower on a large lawn. However, a small lawn can become a bullseye with a push mower easily. Begin at the center of your yard and mow in a large circle. Then mow adjacent circles, working outwards towards the edge of the lawn, while alternating directions for each circle. The bullseye will take some practice but is impressive when done correctly.

Complex Patterns

In large lawns, it might be desirable to use a bullseye in one section and a diamond pattern in another, based on other landscaping items. Once you have mastered the simpler designs, you can build custom, complex patterns on your own.

For some, making patterns while mowing the grass may seem excessive. However, making these types of patterns can take a monotonous chore and make this type of maintenance a bit more enjoyable and fun.

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