5 Essential Summer Lawn Care Tips

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5 Essential Summer Lawn Care Tips

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Mid summer means soaring temperatures and less rainfall — and less rain means withered lawns. Homeowners spend countless hours every week during the summer months to ensure that their lawns get enough water, because a dead lawn can be costly to fix.

At our lawn care company in Haverhill MA, our goal is to make sure that homeowners are taking the appropriate actions to prevent their lawn from withering away in the summer heat. If you’re keen on maintaining your lawn yourself, then here are five essential summer lawn care tips to consider.

  1. Water At Night. This is crucial for a healthy, green lawn. Dudley’s Tree and Landscape recommends watering your lawn at night, and this is easy to do with an automated, in-ground sprinkler system that we can install. Watering your lawn when the sun isn’t up means the water will have a chance to soak into the soil without being evaporated by the sun.
  2. Water 3-4 Times Per Week. Instead of watering your lawn every day, it’s best to fully soak your lawn 3-4 times per week. 3 times is ideal, but if you haven’t received any rain and the temperatures have been higher than 85, then adding a 4th day is best. Make sure to soak the lawn thoroughly so that it seeps into the roots.
  3. Don’t Mow Frequently. In the summer months, it’s important to not mow your lawn frequently because this can actually dry out the lawn faster. When you do mow your lawn, be sure to leave the clippings on the lawn because this will act as a moist barrier between the grass roots and the harmful rays of the sun.
  4. Less Grass, More Garden. If you’re looking to really save some money and are sick of maintaining a large lawn, our landscaping company in Haverhill recommends opting for more garden space. Our professional landscape designers will create beautiful gardens that compliment the rest of the yard by using native plants, trees and shrubs.
  5. Apply Weed Control. Taming the weeds is always an arduous task, but your lawn will thank you for it. Dudley’s Tree and Landscape is here to provide you with year-round lawn care and maintenance, which includes lawn fertilizing, weed control and aeration. Be sure to know what pH level your soil is at so you know exactly what type of weed control to purchase and apply.

Need help maintaining your yard this summer? Contact our lawn care and landscaping company in Haverhill MA today!

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