5 Ways to Transform an Old Tree Stump

It’s always a sad sight to have a beautiful tree fall down in your yard; you may be left feeling as empty as your yard looks. After you’ve contacted Dudley’s Tree and Landscape for tree removal services, you have a choice to make: to keep the remaining stump or remove it?

There are a few key reasons as to why you should remove the stump, but at Dudley’s we understand that it might not be in the budget for you to remove the stump. If this is the case, there are dozens of creative ways to transform your tree stump to make it look like it’s a part of your yard and garden again.

Here are five of our favorite stump transformation ideas:

  1. Garden Furniture. If the stump is large enough and tall enough, you can carve it in such a way as to create a piece of furniture. There are DIY ides for turning stumps into seating chairs and even a solid base upon which to place a table top.
  2. Garden Sculpture. This is one of the most common forms of stump transformation projects. Creative homeowners who have a knack for woodworking often go above and beyond creating woodland creatures out of their existing tree stumps. If this is your calling, you can often find a set of wood carving tools at a reasonable price.
  3. Flower Planter. After removing the tree in question and you find that the stump left over is hollow, these make for the perfect flower planter! Simply fill the hollow stump with gardening soil and place a beautiful annual flower from our Garden Center and watch it flourish year after year.
  4. Board Game Surface. If the stump is at the ideal height, you can use the flat surface as a place for board games. Paint a checker or tick-tack-toe board on top of the surface and collect smooth garden stones as player pieces. This is a great DIY project that will keep your kids entertained outside while you’re doing yard work.
  5. Garden Path. Was your old tree close to or in your existing garden? If so, Dudley’s Tree and Landscape can shave the stump down to grass level and use the shaved sections as additional stepping stones to create a unique garden walkway. Our landscape construction company can rework your existing garden to accommodate for this addition.

Not fond of the look of your tree stump after all? Contact Dudley’s Tree and Landscape for professional stump removal services today!