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6 Reasons Why You May Need to Use a Tree Crane

Tree removal companies have to take many precautions when removing trees, especially large ones. Large tree removal usually requires the specialized crane equipment that only a tree crane rental company can provide. When you need to remove a tree in a crowded urban area or in places where operating heavy machinery is dangerous, a tree crane is your best solution for safe and successful tree removal. Here are six reasons why you may need to use a tree crane for your residential or commercial emergency:

You Need To Get Rid of A Tree That Is In Danger Of Falling

If the trunk of the tree has been compromised in some way, there’s always a chance it will fall on its own even without much additional effort put into knocking it down with other equipment. If you have to remove a tree in this condition, you are not only risking damage to nearby structures, but also the safety of yourself and your workers.

Your Tree Removal Project Takes Place In An Environment With Limited Access

If the job site is restricted by factors like narrow roadways, crowded urban areas, or winding forest trails, renting a crane can make it easier to get to the spot you need. Tree removal companies with cranes on hand can quickly and efficiently move their equipment into place without causing damage or blocking the roads.

You Need to Avoid Power Lines

If you are trying to remove one tree but also need to avoid damaging nearby trees or structures like power lines or buildings, hiring a crane is an excellent way to gain safe access while eliminating the threat of damage from falling branches and other debris. If you need to do routine maintenance on the trees in an area where traffic is already congested, it’s easier for everyone involved if you use professional tree removal equipment that keeps people away from moving vehicles. Having a few pieces of specialized equipment in your tool kit will help ensure that removing trees in this situation goes safely and smoothly without causing any additional if any damage to buildings, streets, or power lines.

It’s The Safer Option

If you’re planning to remove branches or other parts of the tree that are fairly high up, using a crane to get workers into place can be less strenuous than climbing, ladders or even work platforms. This will reduce accidents and keep your team healthier so they can focus more on getting the job done quickly before you have to schedule another visit for follow-up trimming.

You Have To Remove A Lot Of Trees From The Same Area

If part of your job involves regularly removing trees from the same location time after time, renting a few pieces of equipment is incredibly helpful. Tree removal companies who rent their equipment on short notice can save themselves significant amounts of money by avoiding unnecessary transport costs and avoid potential storm damage that set up may cause if left outdoors over long periods of time.

The Trees You Need to Trim Are Very Tall

Sometimes you need to trim trees, but the trunks are so tall that it’s not possible or safe to remove them from the ground with chainsaws. If your job requires removing large amounts of wood from one area, hiring a crane rental can be an excellent way to get the job done without adding insult to injury by using traditional tree removal equipment.

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