Benefits of Planting During the Fall Season

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Benefits of Planting During the Fall Season

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We’re set to have a beautiful Fall this year with warmer-than-usual temperatures, and that means it’s going to be ideal planting season!

Our landscaping company in Haverhill provides homeowners with tree, shrub, annual and perennial planting services during the Fall season. If there’s one thing our professionals want you to know, it’s that Fall is the best time to plant. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Cooler Air Temperatures. Colder temperatures means that plants will be under much less stress during the daytime. During the summer, its easy for plants to become wilted and withered in the sun’s scorching heat. Fall provides both you (the gardener) and your plants some relief.
  2. Warm Soil. As a result of the warm summer months just prior, the soil is still warm and broken up which makes it easier for the plant’s roots to take hold in the ground. In contrast, anything planted during the spring will not be able to grow until the soil thaws.
  3. More Garden Center Bargains. If you’re looking for a bargain on plants and flowers, you’ll find the best deals during the Fall. Places such as Dudley’s Tree and Landscape provide great deals on MUMs and other local, seasonal picks.
  4. No Pests, No Diseases. Planting in the springtime is always a gamble. If your yard is known for generating a lot of spring and summertime pests and diseases, then the Fall season is your best bet for a healthy garden. Planting in the fall will give the flowers time to adjust to the environment, making them stronger come next spring.
  5. More Predictable Weather. Springtime in Massachusetts is unpredictable at best; it could be snowing one day and 75 and sunny the next. Fall on the other hand will generally give you warning signs in advance of rain or a frost.

If you’re interested in landscaping services, including planting and hydroseeding, now is the best time for it! If you’d prefer to tackle the Fall planting process on your own, stop by our Garden Center at 1077 Broadway in Haverhill.

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