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summer landscaping tips

Summer Landscaping Tips

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Summer is finally here, and while we all want to take advantage of the warmer weather and spend more time outdoors, getting your property, including your front lawn, back yard, and even patio area can be overwhelming for those of us who like to stay busy. This year especially is a great time to invest in your property for outdoor gatherings with friends and family.

Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees is an important part of summer maintenance, as weaker branches that fall onto your property can build up and cause a mess. Cleaning up any fallen branches and trimming any branches that will soon fall is a great way to save you time and energy. By keeping your lawn clear of fallen branches you are protecting your grass from damage as well.

Foliage & Shrub Pruning

Winter can be hard on your plant life. As it begins to bloom in spring, make sure that it’s growing in the way you want it to so that it can truly shine once summer is in full swing. Pruning your flowers, shrubs, bushes and other plants will ensure that they are looking their best, and also help the overall health of the plants. At the same time, weeding and mulching are a great way to increase the overall appearance of your garden bed and give it that fresh and natural look.

Patio Maintenance

Making sure your patio is well maintained without cracks or unwanted growth is another big item to check off your list when it comes to summer maintenance. Hardscaping and stonescaping is the best way to keep your patio up to date and under control, so that you can use it to spend all the time you would like outside, with family and friends. Fixing up your patio is the crucial first step before you install new outdoor furniture, plants or other elements.

Lawn Care

While this one is pretty self explanatory, the right lawn care is always important to keeping your grass green and luscious. A well irrigated and regularly cut lawn can go a long way into improving the appearance of the rest of your property.

Contact Dudley Tree

For help preparing your property for summer, Dudley Tree is here to help. We offer tree trimming, pruning, crane services and yard cleanup in the North Shore of Massachusetts . We will make sure your property is spotless and ready for whatever you have going on. Give us a call at (978) 373-1510 or contact us here.

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5 Ways to Make Your Small Yard Look Bigger

Category : Lawn Care

Having a small yard can be hard to accept if we love to spend time outdoors enjoying it but there are many simple landscaping and lawn care tips that can be done to create the illusion of more space where there is none. Some of them simple while others might be a bit more challenging.

Landscaping includes using the right trees for a smaller yard are key to making it appear bigger. The softscaping technique of using trees that grow tall rather than wide and maintain a thin shape won’t devour all the space in a yard. This softscaping method will also draw the eyes upwards instead of out when the yard is viewed. Lawncare is also important since an overgrown or out of control yard can create density.

Unless it is necessary to have a fence, avoiding a fence can create the illusion of more yard. It creates a trick of the eye that makes the open space outside of the yard appear to be part of it. Even though that outside area may belong to a neighbor, farm, field, park or other areas, it creates expansion.
Small and Functional Furnishings

Choose the furnishings that will be placed in the yard wisely. Selecting smaller pieces of furniture that will fit better into the smaller landscape can create the illusion of more space because less is being occupied by bulky furniture. Also selecting furniture that can be easily folded up, disassembled or put away allows for more room as necessary.
Transition Seamlessly

Take a cue from warm weather dwellers who maintain homes that seem to have a flow from inside to outside will create a bigger feel to a small yard. The use of sliding doors and softscaping ideas such as flowering plants can give the optical illusion that there is more space than what is there.
Tiers and Levels

Hardscaping that includes multiple levels can create trick the eyes into thinking there is more space because the landscape is ascending or descending. Perhaps a patio table descends to a tier with a chair or two and a firepit, then the next level some plantings. These hardscaping tiers can also function as extra spots for guests to hang out, mingle, set a drink down or lean against while enjoying the beauty of a small yard. This type of hardscaping project takes a bit more time and energy to create but can be well worth the effort.
In Conclusion

While having a small yard can be inconvenient for parties and get-togethers, it is easy to create an illusion and trick those who view it into believing it is larger than it is. With a few minor adjustments in lawn care and landscaping, a small yard can feel large.

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