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Grass Types for Northern Lawns

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When landscaping a yard selecting the correct turfgrass for the region we live in will promote the most beautiful, strong, long-lasting and healthy grass. Lawn installation and care are also easier when we choose what fits our geographical region, in certain areas hydroseeding may be a good option.

This type of grass is common on golf courses as a turf due to it’s fine but dense texture. Due to the necessity of spraying of insecticides and fungicides as well as extra water and mowing it can be a rather costly turfgrass for landscaping a yard. This grass makes a good choice in hydroseeding.
Fine Fescue

This varietal type of turfgrass that is found in the Northern regions combines red, sheep and hard grasses. It has a unique texture that is fine and pointy to the touch. Intolerant of dryness or heat it tends to work best in lawn installation in areas of high shade.
Kentucky Bluegrass

An extremely popular grass for yard due to the beautiful deep green color and texture it boasts, it is usually chosen for sod farms in the Northern region because it is intolerant of shade. It grows extremely well from a complex underground seed system that works well when used in hydroseeding and combined with other grass mixes.

This fast germinating grass is easy to locate due to the shine it casts as well as it’s whitish appearance after it is freshly cut. It is often used in hydroseeding and found in mixes that also contain the above noted Kentucky Bluegrass and is primarily used in landscaping in Northern regions that have a cooler season except the top section of the United States and Canada.
Tall Fescue

This cool region type of grass is rather flexible due to its ability to also tolerate the warmth of hotter regions. In lawn installation, it can appear as a weed but is most often found in athletic fields since it is extremely durable. It isn’t usually found in seed mixes because it tends to bunch together.
In Conclusion

A beautiful yard makes spending time out of doors all the more enjoyable. Selecting the right type of seed for a lawn can make all the difference in a beautiful lawn or a mediocre lawn. Selecting the wrong type of grass can cause it to be ruined or unsuccessful if it isn’t for the right region.

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5 Ways to Make Your Small Yard Look Bigger

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Having a small yard can be hard to accept if we love to spend time outdoors enjoying it but there are many simple landscaping and lawn care tips that can be done to create the illusion of more space where there is none. Some of them simple while others might be a bit more challenging.

Landscaping includes using the right trees for a smaller yard are key to making it appear bigger. The softscaping technique of using trees that grow tall rather than wide and maintain a thin shape won’t devour all the space in a yard. This softscaping method will also draw the eyes upwards instead of out when the yard is viewed. Lawncare is also important since an overgrown or out of control yard can create density.

Unless it is necessary to have a fence, avoiding a fence can create the illusion of more yard. It creates a trick of the eye that makes the open space outside of the yard appear to be part of it. Even though that outside area may belong to a neighbor, farm, field, park or other areas, it creates expansion.
Small and Functional Furnishings

Choose the furnishings that will be placed in the yard wisely. Selecting smaller pieces of furniture that will fit better into the smaller landscape can create the illusion of more space because less is being occupied by bulky furniture. Also selecting furniture that can be easily folded up, disassembled or put away allows for more room as necessary.
Transition Seamlessly

Take a cue from warm weather dwellers who maintain homes that seem to have a flow from inside to outside will create a bigger feel to a small yard. The use of sliding doors and softscaping ideas such as flowering plants can give the optical illusion that there is more space than what is there.
Tiers and Levels

Hardscaping that includes multiple levels can create trick the eyes into thinking there is more space because the landscape is ascending or descending. Perhaps a patio table descends to a tier with a chair or two and a firepit, then the next level some plantings. These hardscaping tiers can also function as extra spots for guests to hang out, mingle, set a drink down or lean against while enjoying the beauty of a small yard. This type of hardscaping project takes a bit more time and energy to create but can be well worth the effort.
In Conclusion

While having a small yard can be inconvenient for parties and get-togethers, it is easy to create an illusion and trick those who view it into believing it is larger than it is. With a few minor adjustments in lawn care and landscaping, a small yard can feel large.

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