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Hiring a Professional For Stump Removal

After having trees removed in your yard, you’ll be left with useless stumps. Removing these stumps are your own can be a lot of work, so why not leave it to a professional tree company? Dudley Tree & Crane can be there to help you remove tree stumps after tree removal. Here are some reasons to avoid doing it by yourself:

Tree Experts Have The Right Tools

When you hire a tree company to remove tree stumps, they will ensure it is appropriately done with the right equipment. They have the experience and expertise to ensure the entire stump and roots are removed from the ground. Stump removal requires you to make precise cuts and dig out the correct area of the earth. You may run into situations where you won’t know what to do next or have a hard time with a tough stump. Leaving it to professionals will be a better idea since they have the right tools and expertise to remove the stumps no matter what.

Safety When Removing Tree Stumps

Stump removal is not the safest task to complete on your own – especially when you don’t have experience doing it. Professional stump removers will be able to safely remove any tree stump while taking into consideration the environment. Removing the stump in various pieces will help keep the surrounding area and bystanders safe. Having an expert complete stump removal is a better option, and they can assess the potential hazards and how to avoid them.

Cleaning Up The Aftermath of a Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal can often be messy, especially if it is on the larger side. You don’t want to be cleaning up stump debris on your own. Dudley Tree will make sure the area is cleaned up after the removal so that it looks like no one was even there. Tree roots can be heavy, and the experts have the materials and tools to make sure everything can be hauled away and disposed of correctly. 

Experts Can Remove Your Stumps For Less

If you choose to remove your tree stumps, you’ll end up buying tools that you’ll never use again. Tree experts are trained and already have the equipment to remove the stumps. Don’t waste money on tools – spend it on the service. Dudley Tree is happy to provide you with stump removal and grinding services in MA!

Contact Dudley Tree

If you need tree removal services and stump removal, Dudley Tree can be the tree experts for you! Contact us to learn more about our tree services or to schedule an estimate. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started!

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saw grinding a tree stump

Benefits of Stump Grinding

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We all love hanging out in the yard for the summer but If you’ve recently tripped over a stump while playing with your kids, it’s time to consider getting some lawn care done. This important role in tree removal aids in the overall achievement of your lawn and is a quick-effective process. If you are considering removing stumps in your own lawn, but are not quite sure if it’s time to call the professionals or not, check out some of these benefits of stump grinding:

One Step Closer to an Immaculate Lawn

If you’re someone who enjoys hosting summer BBQ’s and having friends over for the evenings you probably are consistent with your lawn care. Maybe you even plan on selling your home and you want to raise the value a bit. Either way, stump removing is a great way to keep your lawn looking tidy and clean. These unattractive stumps take up the space of our lawns and they tend to look haggard (unless your five years old decides to set up her tea party there of course!) You can always move that event to the picnic table of course.

Avoiding Hassle or Possible Injury

No one likes tiresome summer chores like mowing the lawn, well most of us don’t. It can be a daunting and difficult task to complete if we are having to constantly mow around one or more tree stumps. By removing these stumps, we can get our chores done at a much faster pace. Injury is also a risk of having these stumps cozy up in your yard, which wouldn’t be so great if a neighbor or guest was visiting and tripped. By removing the trees, you can avoid trips, falls, breaks, or sprains.

Cut down the chance of growth and insects

Where plants and trees are present-insects are inevitable. However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do all that we can to keep pests at a bare minimum. It’s important to remove dead trees and plants due to the population of detritivores insects (bugs that live off dead waste matter) These bugs include millipedes, woodlice, and other countless insects.
One other annoying and complicated issue found from tree stumps is the risk of unwanted growth of new trees. The last thing we want is more work to sprout up during our leisure time in the sun. Not to mention, these small growths can take from the nutrients of our other plants and trees. Contact Dudley’s Tree and Landscape for an estimate on our stump grinding services!

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