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snowy trees

Trimming Your Trees in The Winter

Taking care of your trees year-round is vital for their health. When the harsh cold weather and snow hit New England, it can be damaging to your yard and plantings. Take the proper precautions to keep your trees happy and healthy! Here are some reasons you should trim your trees in the winter:

Trees Are Dormant

In the colder months, trees tend not to grow as they do in the spring in summer. Trimming your trees in the colder months will have your trees better equipped to handle the stress of being cut at. Trimming them in the cold will also help them grow better when the warm weather comes back around.

No Need to Worry About Foliage

When you trim trees in the winter, you won’t need to worry about foliage getting in the way. You are able to see the branches clearly and get a good view of what the tree looks like trimmed. You’ll be less likely to make a mistake cutting the branches when there are no obstructions!

Preventing Falling Tree Limbs

Snow can easily cause branches and limbs to sag and break off the tree. This is why early winter, such as late November to December, is the prime time to get some winter pruning done. When you have dead limbs or diseased branches, trimming them away before heavy snow weighs them down will save you some time in the future. Falling tree limbs can damage other parts of your tree, so it’s important to eliminate any problem branches while you can. 

Cold Weather Protects Trees

After trimming and pruning your tree in the winter, your tree will be better protected than it would be in the spring or summer. Trimming a tree gives it an open wound where pests can get in and destroy your tree. In the winter, most of these pests are dormant like your tree. You will be less likely to have them making their way to your trees.

Make Sure You Trim The Right Trees

Although trimming many trees in the winter can be beneficial, some trees are not meant to be trimmed around this time. Trees that flower in the spring should not be messed with during the winter months. It can cause the flowers to reduce their bloom size or not bloom at all. Be aware of which trees you are trimming in your yard!

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Are you looking for any tree trimming or pruning this winter? The tree experts at Dudley Tree are here to assist you with any tree needs! Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule an estimate. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to get in touch!

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tree with large roots

How Can Tree Roots Damage Your Home?

Trees are magnificent plants, and their roots go deeper into the ground than you may think. This means they are capable of doing some damage to your home and other structures on your property. Roots have minds of their own! Here are some reasons why tree roots can harm your property:

Damaging Your Home’s Foundation

When your tree’s roots are looking for a water supply, they can end up damaging your foundation. This can happen because of the soil moving around in the ground where your foundation lies. They won’t damage your foundation on their own, and it will take some time, but these roots can pose some harm. If you have an older home, you may be more likely to see foundation damage from roots. Cracks in your home’s foundation can be the biggest sign. You may also have random cracks in your windows from what seems to be nothing. 

Landscape Damage

As trees age, their roots become more prominent through dirt and soil. If you have a few trees in close proximity to each other, chances are that they will end up competing for nutrients. The roots of these trees will eventually intertwine as they are moving around your yard in search of water and other nutrients. If you have patios, a walkway, or any other concrete, asphalt, or stone in your yard, the roots can cause them to crack and break.

Plumbing Issues

Tree roots naturally make their way to your plumbing system because it is a known water source for them. Invasive species of trees such as maples, willows, and aspens have systems of roots that seem endless and will go after any water source. The last thing you want to happen is for the roots to completely block the pipes and make them not able to work correctly anymore. Some signs that roots are your plumbing issue could be anything from water pressure changes, clogged drains that don’t unclog with a plunger or anything else, or even drains that randomly flow slower than usual. When plumbing issues from roots arise, you rarely have to kill the whole tree to fix it. You can have the portion of the tree removed wherever it is needed. 

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Dudley Tree has the knowledge and expertise to help you with any of your tree issues. If you need tree removal, pruning, trimming, or anything else for your trees, we can take care of it. Contact us to learn more about what our tree services can do for you. Call us today or fill out our contact form to get in touch! We are more than happy to help!

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