Gear Up For Fall: Request Tree Pruning Services Today

As we approach September and the Fall season, our landscaping and tree service company recommends that homeowners take a walk around their property to assess their large shrubs and trees.

When to request tree pruning service

The spring and summer months are the growing season for hardwoods and shrubs, so you may be surprised to see that they’ve encroached into areas of your property (or your neighbor’s!) that they should not be in. If you notice that your trees are now overhanging power wires or there’s a limb that never grew leaves this summer, it’s time to contact our landscaping company for tree pruning services.

Our tree pruning process

Dudley’s Tree and Landscape provides tree pruning services all year round, but we highly recommend requesting this service in the late summer and early fall as the growing season winds down. This sets the trees and shrubs up to have a more successful growing season in the spring; they will no longer be impeded by structures, wires or other trees.

After contacting our tree pruning company in Haverhill and surrounding areas, our crew will come out to assess the trees in question. We’ll keep an eye out for dead or dying branches, as well as any branches that could give you trouble during the event of a winter storm. If we believe the tree will eventually grow too close to a structure (such as your house), then we will trim the top. Our crew will also remove lower-lying branches to ensure low-lying plants and flowers can enough sunlight and air flow.

If you’re concerned about the trees on our property and believe they need to be pruned, contact our landscaping company for tree pruning services today! We’ll provide a free estimate as well as suggestions for moving forward after the project is completed.