How to Remove A Tree Stump

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How to Remove A Tree Stump

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So you’ve finally gotten that fallen tree out of the way to clear up your yard. Except wait, what’s that? You’re left with the stump of the tree, the final and most stubborn part of the ordeal. Removing a stump is no easy task, not only are they extremely heavy and sturdy, but they are connected to the ground through an entire network of roots.

Removing The Stump Manually

Removing a stump manually is possible, but it’s certainly not easy. If you have the appropriate tools and you are capable, you can expect it to take 3-6 hours to complete. This process is very labor intensive but it is actually much faster than other methods. It is best performed on small and medium trees, larger trees will require a stump grinder.

  • Dig around the stump to loosen it from the ground, remove the dirt until you can see around the tree roots.
  • Cut the roots from the main tree trunk
  • Continue to dig until you see the taproot, clear an area around it.
  • Cut though the tree trunk with an axe or saw.
  • After cutting through the taproot, you should be able to pull it out of the topsoil. This is a time consuming process and you’ll have to make sure all the roots are cut.

Removing a Stump with Chemicals

One method of stump removal is using chemicals to quickly rot the tree stump. This process is a bit easier than removing it by hand. However, not only does this method still require some manual labor, it also takes some time and patience to get done. It won’t be gone overnight, in fact it could take up to a year to completely dissolve the stump. The other downside is that you are using harsh chemicals which can be dangerous if not handled correctly. You also want to make sure that these chemicals aren’t getting into your water or food supply. Please take utmost caution if you do go through with this method.

  • Level the stump with the ground with your chainsaw. Be sure to use protective safety gear when doing so.
  • Drill holes in the top of the stump using the largest drill bit possible, going as deep as possible.
  • Fill the holes with water, and then potassium nitrate or another fertilizer high in nitrogen. Epson salts can also be used in place.
  • Soak the surrounding area with lots of water to get it as saturated as possible. Cover the area with a plastic tarp to maintain high levels of moisture.
  • Periodically add more water and nitrogen to the stump until it is completely rotten.

Call in The Pros

Dudley Tree has been an expert in tree and stump removal for many years. We use commercial grade stump grinders that get the job done fast so that you don’t have to lift a finger. There’s no need to waste time and energy with renting tools and chemicals. If you have any questions or are interested in an estimate please give us a call at 978-373-1510 or contact us for more information.

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