How to Spot a Dead or Dying Tree

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How to Spot a Dead or Dying Tree

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Are you concerned about any trees in your yard? Many people have dead or dying trees that the don’t even know about. They end up finding out too late. Whether the tree has fallen or the rotting gets very bad, you should be taking care of these issues earlier than you think. Sometimes dead or dying trees can stay put, but it is better to have a professional take a look for you. Here are some things to look for to determine whether or not you should consider tree removal services. 

Check the base of the tree

There are various issues there that might mean that your tree is dying. If you see mushrooms growing at the base, that can mean there is a lot of rot on the tree. Another thing to look for at the bottom of the tree is if the roots are coming out of the ground. Roots coming out of the ground can indicate that the tree is not stable. Removing a tree in this condition is usually recommended. 

Construction damage can cause a tree to become unhealthy. It is typically something that goes unnoticed. Heavy machinery could have gone over the roots or even digging a trench near a tree can cause the roots to become weak. This can make the tree unstable or eventually die. If you had some construction done in your yard and notice weird things going on with your trees, a machine probably caused it. 

Not every dead tree need to be removed

Unless you tree will cause a lot of damage to your property, professionals will probably tell you it is fine to keep. Trees do more than just look nice. They are home to many different backyard animals and are an important part of the ecosystem. Keep them if you can!

Should trees close to houses or buildings be removed?

Healthy trees that happen to be close to houses or other buildings do not typically need to be removed unless they are definitely going to cause an issue. Many mature trees are very stable in the ground. Take care of your trees so that they can live a long and healthy life in your yard!

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