How to Spot a Dead or Dying Tree

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How to Spot a Dead or Dying Tree

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Large sections of bark that seems to be peeling off the tree’s trunk might be a warning sign of a problem. But, if there is a substantial quantity of rot, especially if the rot is all the way around the trunk, the tree probably needs to be removed. Surprisingly, having a hollow tree trunk doesn’t always mean that the tree is dead. A tree can still be sturdy and thrive with a hollow center. Think of it as a steel pipe: hollow in the center, but still very strong on the outside. Keeping a dead or dying tree in your yard all depends on the structure of the tree as a whole. Here are some things to look for to determine whether or not you should consider tree removal services. 

The base of the tree

There are various issues there that might suggest the tree is dying. A lot of mushrooms growing at the base of your tree might mean significant root rot. Another thing to look for at the bottom of the tree is if the roots are rising out of the ground. Not the roots are growing on the surface, but rather roots separating from the earth. This can indicate that the tree is unstable. In both cases, removing the tree should be considered.

If you don’t know why your tree is dying, a common cause is from construction damage. Everything from driving over tree roots with heavy machinery to digging a trench can weaken a tree’s root system, causing the tree to become unstable or die. If there has been notable construction and you’ve noticed that your tree’s appearance has altered, then the digging or compaction might have caused irreversible damage.

Not every dead tree need to be removed

If it isn’t a potential hazard, meaning it will not harm your property or any people when it falls, you typically leave it. Dead trees are home to birds, bats, and other animals, as well as play an essential role in the ecosystem.

Should trees close to houses or buildings be removed?

Healthy trees that are close to houses or other buildings do not usually need to be removed. These trees, mainly if they are mature, are generally quite stable. If they are taken care of, regularly pruned, and don’t have signs of decay, they can stay where they are without being a threat to your yard.

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