Large Rocks Can be Used for Landscaping Projects

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Large Rocks Can be Used for Landscaping Projects

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Rocks can be a nuisance when they’re in your yard, pebbles and small rocks make daily landscaping tasks like gardening and lawn mowing a hassle and even painful! If you have large rocks in your yard, instead of hastily getting the removed, consider the alternative. Large rocks can be used as great landscaping tools and create unique designs in your yard!

Natural Beauty

The look that large rocks give is spectacularly beautiful. Especially rocks that may be covered with moss or slightly tinted a dazzling color. Rocks that have been unmoved may be surrounded by flowers creating a colorful perimeter!

Environmentally Friendly

Building off the natural beauty of large rocks, they’re also completely environmentally friendly because they are natural. The underside of large rocks can also promote insect habitats which can help fertilize other areas of your lawn! If you have a small pond in your yard, consider placing a boulder right on the bank of the pond as this creates a beautiful natural look.

Rock Walls

If you need any sort of separation in your yard including a wall or fencing, large rocks are great dividers. These boulders can be so large that once they are placed anywhere, they cannot be moved. You may need a crane or special machinery to install the boulders or stack them to create a wall but once installed, they’ll be there forever.

Dudley’s Tree and Landscape will work with you to design a landscape layout of your choice and we can incorporate large boulders where fit, depending on the layout of your yard. We can install or move large rocks where necessary using our expert crane services. If you are interested in the idea of utilizing large rocks for your landscape project, contact Dudley’s Tree and Landscape today to speak to our experts and design a landscape for you!

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