Tree Removal in Methuen MA

Landscaping Services in Methuen MA

Located right on the boarder of southern New Hampshire, Methuen is a residential area along the northern banks of the Merrimack River. The Methuen is just a few miles away from our location in Haverhill MA, which means our landscaping company is capable of providing homeowners in Methuen with full-service lawn care and landscape installations. Methuen’s residential properties generally have larger yards than those in the more southern towns closest to Boston — that means that there’s more options regarding what you can include in your yard. Our professional landscaping company in Methuen can transform your ordinary yard into something extraordinary! Let us help you improve the look and functionality of your green space by installing an outdoor patio or fireplace, new garden beds, and planting privacy shrubs and trees.

Tree Removal in Methuen MA

Dudley’s can also provide residents of Methuen with professional tree services including tree removal, tree pruning, and stump grinding. If you have been experiencing issues with a tree on your property, contact Dudley’s and we will come and assess the potential harm that the tree could cause to your property. If we determined your tree should be removed, our team will come in and safely remove the tree without disrupting your daily routine. We also offer tree pruning services which can be used to decrease the height of a tree or safely remove hazardous branches. All our tree services are accomplished by our own trained staff members, we also have crane services which are brought in for large tree pruning projects. We have licensed crane operators standing by to assist you with any tree causing harm to your Methuen property. Our tree services are offered year-round, so contact Dudley’s immediately for expert tree removal and pruning services!

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Tree Removal Methuen MA –
by Liz,
June 6th 2018
5 stars

Great job, quick and great clean up!

Stump Grinding Service in Methuen, MA –
by Jim,
June 14th 2018
5 stars

You guys did a great job!


Stump Grinding Service near Methuen, MA –
by Susan,
June 23rd 2018
5 stars

Thanks so much for a great job at a great price!