New Lawn Installation

Dudley’s Tree and Landscape provides professional new lawn installation services for both homeowners and businesses throughout the Northeastern part of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Whether it’s a new home build that needs a brand new lawn, or an existing home or business that needs to start from scratch, our lawn care and lawn installation company can get the job done in a professional and timely manner.

Hydroseeding versus Sod Installation

Applying Hydroseed to New Lawn

Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but what it really boils down to is how much patience and dedication you have towards growing a new lawn. Dudley’s Tree and Landscape has helped dozens of homeowners install a new lawn for their home using hydroseeding. Hydroseeding uses a slurry of water, a precise ratio of nutrients, and grass seed in order to encourage growth. It’s important to make sure the soil environment is ideal for grass seed to take root and start to grow — and that requires plenty of consistent watering cycles. Hydroseeding is much less expensive than sod installation, but the process to grow a new lawn will take some time. It’s also important that the lawn is left as undisturbed as possible, so make a point to reduce any foot traffic.

Sod installation, though expensive, is a great option for those who want the look of a fully mature lawn as soon as possible. Dudley’s Tree and Landscape will ensure that your sod installation is done accurately and in a timely manner. For homeowners or businesses with a sloping lawn, sod is usually recommended as hydroseeding can often wash away easily on a hill. Another benefit to opting for sod is that your lawn can be used much sooner than seed, which means you get more warm weather days to enjoy your outdoor space.

New Lawn Installation Process

Aftermath of Hydroseeding

For those with existing lawns, Dudley’s Tree and Landscape can remove them one of two ways: by mechanical means or by chemical means. Mechanical lawn removal requires bringing in lawn care equipment to physically dig down to the grass roots and remove the lawn. This process takes less time than the chemical process. Removing an existing lawn using chemicals involves a mixture of herbicides that kill off the existing grass. Our lawn installation experts will then go in with lawn care tools to remove the grass and prep the soil for new seed or sod.

Need a new lawn for your new home build or simply need to gut your existing yard and start things over? Dudley’s Tree and Landscape is here to help! Contact us today for a quote.

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