Preparing Your Yard For Summer

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Preparing Your Yard For Summer

Category : Lawn Care

While early spring is still here and in full bloom, it’s never too early to start thinking about summer and your backyard and lawn. This means tackling some critical tasks around the yard, on your patio, and in your garden to ensure that all areas will be set to go when the sunshine comes in. There are five things you can do to prepare your yard and lawn for summer:

Prepare Garden Beds & Plant

Spring is the best time to start preparing and planting in your backyard and garden area. Layout a plan for what plants or flowers can be planted and plants that need to be planted at a later date. Take some time to weed and prepare your garden beds with new soil, so you have a fresh base to work with. This is also a perfect time to tackle any plants that may not have survived the winter or need a clean up before the weather warms up.

Care For The Lawn

Your lawn is such a big part of backyards and, therefore, generally needs the most care. This is an excellent time to water, weed, replant, and overhaul your yard to make sure it is in the best shape. Don’t forget to mow the lawn afterward to get that grass at a perfect length for the warm season.

Overhaul The Patio

Your patio will be the center of attention in your backyard for entertaining or relaxing on a nice day. You’ll want to make sure it’s ready for the excellent weather by preparing it ahead of time. Start cleaning the patio with a powerwasher or in general. Wipe down the patio furniture that was probably stored away. If your patio furniture can be fixed-up, do this now so you won’t have to worry about it when you’re ready to use it.

Consider Lighting & Warmth

Making your backyard a comfortable space to spend time at night can increase the use of your space. To make sure that your space will be ready for nights outside now is an excellent time to consider adding in any landscape lighting into the yard and a source of heat to extend those summer night hangouts. Adding lighting to an outdoor area can be as easy as putting a permanent source of lightings, such as a fixture or hanging lights, or adding solar lights. For heat, consider installing or placing a heater into the backyard to create an extra warm and comfortable area for everyone to enjoy. 

Plan An Exterior Home Clean

It’s important to plan time to clean the exterior of your home, storage spaces such as sheds and anything else that might need some cleaning. Whether you choose to hand wash the areas that need it most or decide to do a complete overhaul on the space cleaning out anything that isn’t required and washing everything that can be washed, it will be worth it. 

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