Seed, Sod, or Hydroseed?

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Seed, Sod, or Hydroseed?

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If you’re thinking of getting a new lawn, or redoing your yard, the choices of which kind of grass to go with can seem overwhelming. Grass, seed, or hydroseed? Trying to decide which seeding method to use when looking at pros and cons of each seeding type. The truth is, neither one is wrong, or even necessarily better than the other. Each seeding method depends on the location and time of the project.


Grass seed is the classic approach, being the cheapest and the easiest to install, as homeowners can spread grass seed themselves. Although very easy to install, grass seed isn’t just set it and forget it. Homeowners must pay attention to the growing seed, adding seed where birds and wind have displaced it, as well as keeping up a continuous watering routine for the growing grass. The grass seed process can take months before you start to see a full, green lawn, so it is important to be patient but pay attention as well.


Hydroseed is a mixture of grass seed, water, and other nutrients to enrich the soil. Hydroseed is more expensive than grass seed and it will require a professional contractor or landscaper to apply the correct mixture. Once installed, hydroseed does not take as long as grass seed, and you may begin to see a lush green lawn within the first month. Although you do not need to worry about birds as much, hydroseeding still requires a consistent amount of water. If the area you want grass to grow is sloped, hydroseed is not recommended because it can be washed off the slope. Hydroseeding also must remain undisturbed during the entirety of the growth process, so plan accordingly.


Sod is the most expensive of the three options. Sod is essentially a rug of beautiful grass that has been grown and cared for by a professional. Installation of the sod must be done by a professional but right after that, you will instantly have a gorgeous green lawn of your own. Sod can be planted at any time of the year, but still requires adequate watering. The only risk with sod is in some cases, the roots will not take, or the transplant will be unsuccessful. If you want a lawn your kids and pets can play on right away, sod is the way to go.

Each of these methods has its perks, but none of them are perfect. It’s up to what the homeowner wants to do. It really comes down to time and money, like everything else. If you have questions regarding one of these seeding methods or want to know more, contact Dudley’s Tree and Landscape today!

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