Signs It’s Time To Prune Your Trees

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Signs It’s Time To Prune Your Trees

Pruning your trees allows them to stay happy and healthy all year long. It can help avoid damage to your home and other structures, as well as eliminate the need for constantly removing diseased or dead trees. Learn the signs of knowing when to prune your backyard trees, so our professionals can take care of it for you.

Broken Branches

When your trees have broken or cracked branches, this is a threat to people in your yard or your home. Depending on the size of these branches, they can do a lot of harm. Make sure these are taken care of as soon as possible. If there is a heavy storm, these branches will be the first things to fall. They also do not look great on your trees. 

Deep Cracks

Deep cracks in your trees are caused by the temperature fluctuating. This isn’t something to worry about in the summer, but during the winter, when water gets into the cracks and freezes overnight, the issue becomes larger. 

Excessive Greenery

If you are having a hard time seeing through your trees, this is a big sign of needing to prune and trim. When branches are severely dense, this is likely to cause damage from wind and storms. You may like the look of the greenery and foliage, but in the long run, this can cause harm.

Tree Cankers

When a spot of your tree’s bark is sunken in or missing, this can signal disease or decay. Cankers can be created by a fungus, insects, chemicals, or environmental conditions. Young fruit trees have a tricky time recovering from cankers. Even stabilized shade trees can be weakened by cankers, making them more sensitive to wind damage. To prevent the rotting from getting worse, you should try to remove as much of it as possible. The tree should only be pruned during times of the year when the weather is dry.

Untamed Growth

When trees are not pruned regularly, they can grow in ways that are not fit for your yard. A misshapen tree does not distribute its weight properly, which can cause branches to break and damage your property. This is especially important for young or newly planted trees, which need more guidance to grow in the right direction. When it comes to untamed growth, opt for getting your trees trimmed by a professional. Dudley’s can be there for you. This is a hard job to do, so trying it yourself is not the best option

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