Spring Cleanup Services

March has arrived, you know what that means. Spring is right around the corner and will be in full bloom before you know it! This past winter we experienced heavy snowfall and very high speed winds that can put a lot of stress on trees. Even if you haven’t had fallen trees or branches on your property, there’s a good chance that you have weak branches that could be at risk of falling in the future.

If you’ve been putting off clearing your yard of large branches and fallen trees, we are happy to help you remove them safely and efficiently. It’s hard to enjoy your yard with obstructions like these, and leaving them can cause damage to your grass during the spring and fall.

Tree Pruning in Haverhill, MA

Spring is a great time to prune your branches, both to cut back damaged branches from the snow and ice of winter, and to make more space for the growth spurt we are about to experience in spring. Winter and early spring are the best times to prune your trees, so make the most of your future foliage this spring.

Look to your evergreen trees and shrubs to trim all the unwanted lower branches before spring starts. Most shrubs should be pruned in late winter or early spring, March is a great time. Flowering shrubs should be pruned depending on when they bloom and if the growth is produced in the same or previous years.

Tree & Branch Removal Services

Winter can be harsh on large trees, especially older ones that might be experiencing rotting or decay. Removing large branches that have fallen can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment or if you don’t have experience. We would love to help you clean up your yard and prepare for the warmer months ahead so you can get outside and enjoy the weather. 

Crane Services in Haverhill, MA

Whether you need a crane to help with those hard to reach trees or for another project that requires heavy lifting, our crane services are always available for your projects and are capable of lifting a variety of building materials. 

Contact Dudley Tree

Give us a call today to get a jump on your spring cleaning! Dudley Tree has been serving the Greater Boston area for many years and we are experts on large tree cleanup, tree pruning and crane services. Give us a call at 978-373-1510 or contact us here.