Spring Lawn Care Tips to Consider

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Spring Lawn Care Tips to Consider

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Spring is finally here and it’s safe to say that we’ve seen the last of the bad weather. With warmer weather comes outdoor season — but with one caveat: A long list of Things To Do regarding yard work and lawn prep.

If you aren’t sure what should even be on your list this season, here are a few spring lawn care tips to consider:

  • Spring yard cleanup. Just as you would prep your yard for winter with fall cleanup, spring cleanup is equally as important. Winters are tough here in the North Shore and there may be dead branches or downed limbs from nearby trees that are littering your yard. If you don’t clean these up, they can ruin your fragile grass or blooming flowers.
  • Fertilizing. Early spring is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn with a slow-releasing fertilizer. Fertilizer keeps your lawn happy and healthy by providing it with vital nutrients it needs to grow. Without the fertilizer, you could end up with bare patches.
  • Weed control. Take action now before weeds become a problem later in the spring and summer months. Our lawn care specialists use only the most trusted, effective and environmentally friendly weed control products to ensure that your flower beds and lawn are impeded by competing weeds.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with your list this season, Dudley’s Tree and Landscape is here to help provide homeowners with season-long lawn care and landscaping services. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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