Stump Grinding

Do you have an old stump in your yard that you’ve been meaning to get rid of for awhile? Or perhaps you recently had a tree removed but the previous company left the stump behind. No matter what the circumstance, stumps can be both unsightly and a hazard to both people and lawn equipment. Not to mention if you’re trying to sell your home, lingering tree stumps can be a deal breaker for buyers. For stump removal services, Dudley’s Tree and Landscape is here to help.

Professional Stump Removal Service

Stump removal may seem time consuming, but we assure you that the process won’t take long at all. After contacting us, our landscapers will head out to your property to take measurements of the stump’s girth as well as take note of the type of tree. Depending on the circumference, type of tree, and it’s current state (is it dead and decaying or freshly-cut), we’ll give you an accurate estimate regarding how long the stump removal process will take.

Our stump grinding machines and equipment are state-of-the-art and small enough to maneuver through even the smallest of backyard spaces. We take extra precaution not to disturb any garden beds, neighboring shrubs or trees and (most importantly) your well-manicured lawn.

Our Stump Grinding Process

After positioning our stump removal equipment in place, the machine uses a large, razor sharp wheel which spins rapidly to chip off little bits of the stump at a time. During the stump grinding stage, bits of mulch and splintered wood are created which can either be removed by our crew or the homeowner can choose to re-purpose the material and incorporate it into other aspects of their landscape. The stump grinding machine that we use is a great alternative to bringing in large, heavy equipment on site to get the job done, which can ultimately damage your property.

Dudley’s Tree and Landscape can do a number of things once the stump is removed, such as:

  • Grind the stump down enough to be able to drive over it with a lawn mower and so that people don’t trip over it.
  • Grind deeper in order to fill the hole with soil and prep the space for a patch of lawn.
  • Grind deeper in order to replace the existing stump with a newly-planted replacement tree.

Interested in our stump removal and stump grinding services? Contact Dudley’s Tree and Landscape today!