When You Should Call an Emergency Tree Service

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fallen tree on a house

When You Should Call an Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree services are important for any home or business owner to have access to. Fallen trees and sick trees are a danger and a risk. From storms to fallen wires, having access to 24/7 tree services are sometimes essential to your safety. Here are some times where you should be calling emergency tree services to help you:

Damage From a Storm

When strong winds and stormy weather roll through, trees can easily become damaged. Trees can fall and land on roofs or cause wires to fall on your home or driveway. When limbs or even trunks fall into streets or driveways, getting everything cleaned up and removed is a time-critical process. We want to make sure everyone is safe and will not harm themselves by driving down your street or even leaving your house. 

Issues With Visibility

When trees come in the way of you and the road, it can be dangerous. Visibility issues should be addressed right away. As well as roads, having clear visibility in your driveway or parking lot is important for safety as well. When oncoming traffic can’t see vehicles coming, or there’s a risk of hitting a tree, you should be calling an emergency tree company.

Sick or Dying Trees

Sick or dying trees can be a significant hazard. When they go untreated, danger can occur. When branches are brittle and, they might randomly collapse and harm anyone or anything in their way. If you are looking to spot a dead or dying tree, check for discolored leaves, knotted roots, ants, and anything else unconventional. When these trees are close to power lines or a walkway, it’s crucial to take care of the problem right away. If you feel that your tree is an immediate danger to you, your home, or property, call us!

Fallen Trees

If a tree near or on your property has randomly fallen and you are unsure as to why, you should still call for emergency tree services right away. If the tree has landed on a home or car, be sure to contact your local emergency number to have police and fire come and ensure everyone is safe. Then you should call Dudley Tree to go and worry about the tree. Safety is vital for everyone, and that’s why we provide emergency tree services around Haverhill and southern New Hampshire!

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