When to Plant Seeds for Flowers

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flower growing out of the ground

When to Plant Seeds for Flowers

Starting flower seeds indoors can give you a head start to the growing season. Knowing what time to start planting flower seeds depends on the climate of where you live, and the hardiness of the flowers you want to plant. Cool season flowers are hardier to the colder temperatures you might see in the early springtime. Flowers that are tender to cold temperatures should not be grown outside until the period of time when there is morning frost, has past.


Annuals that are hardy such as bachelor button (Cenia turbinata), calendula (Calendula officinalis), wallflower (Erysimum spp.), and clarkia (Clarkia spp.) can tolerate the cooler temperature of early springtime. You are able to start growing seeds for these flowers and other cool-season plants inside during the early days of February. The seedlings should be ready to transplant outside in March, depending on your variety. Starting your year with planting seeds for cool-season flowers can give you a very colorful garden in the spring.


Warmer-season flowers including nicotiana (Nicotiana spp.), dianthus (Dianthus spp.), zinnias (Zinnia spp.), and cosmos (Cosmos spp.) can be sown indoors during the month of March. This will prepare them for a late spring and summer bloom. These types of plants cannot tolerate the cold, so they should not be transplanted outside until frosty morning and done and gone.


Seeds for cool-season flowers can be sown right into the ground during the month of April. They can handle the remaining cooler weather and have later-spring blooms. At the end of April, warmer season flowers can be seeded outside, too. You should keep in mind that direct seeding outdoors can make the maintenance more difficult, as flower seedlings compete with weed seedlings. You should clearly mark the areas where your seeds are planted and be able to know which leaves below to each kind of plant. This will greatly help you make sure you are removing the weeds and not the seedlings.

Growing Seeds

If you choose to begin seeds indoors while it is still cold outside, remember to give your plants warmth and light. You can place a heating pad beneath the seedling tray for extra warmth. Sunlight coming through a window can be adequate for warmth, fluorescent light or a grow light is pretty ideal. Not having enough light can cause your plants to have weakened stems. To be successful in your seed-starting, proper seedling care is important.

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