The Benefits of Pruning Your Trees

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pruning a tree

The Benefits of Pruning Your Trees

Trees are an essential aspect of nature. They give out oxygen and are a very important part of any ecosystem. They are homes to animals and provide homeowners to beauty to their yard. There are so many reasons to take care of your trees. The value of trees will not increase without a proper car caring for trees involves properly pruning them. Here are some reasons to make sure you are getting the proper care for your trees when it comes to pruning:

Pruning for Tree Healthy Trees

Pruning a tree is usually can be done for looks, but it also helps trees stay healthy. Broken or diseased tree limbs can cause damage and affect the health of the tree. Getting rid of these branches also prevents further decay from happening. Pruning also benefits the lower branches and any plants under the tree. Fruit trees benefit from pruning as it improves the quantity and size of the crop when it is properly pruned.

Pruning for Purely Your Benefit

Because trees are everywhere in our lives, humans and trees have to exist together in this world. Decaying and diseased branches can be a huge danger to your house. Your siding can become damaged from branches hitting against it due to wind, and dead branches can fall on the roof. Proper pruning is a small investment for your property that can help avoid more costly damages.

Pruning for The Environment

A large-canopy tree can get in the way of the growth of grass or shrubs at the bottom of a tree. Pruning can make sure the entire tree and everything around it gets the right amount of water when it rains. Pruning away dead and diseased branches will also impact pests and bugs. Some insects end up living in dead or decaying tree branches and eat the nearby leaves. They might not seem annoying, but they can spread disease the longer they are in the tree. Prune branches so that everything in your tree can remain healthy. 

When you realize it’s time to prune your trees, remember that not all trees have the same needs, and not all pruning methods are fit for every tree. Newly planted trees might need to be pruned every year to gain strength and grow properly. If you have never pruned a tree before, consider talking to an expert who can provide professional insight and proper techniques for your trees. Contact Dudley’s Tree & Landscape for your pruning needs! We want to help you keep your trees healthy all year long! 

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