6 Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy This Summer

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Trees Healthy This Summer

Summer is approaching! While the beautiful weather is great for enjoying the outdoors, it can be tough on your trees. Storms, hot and humid weather, and bugs can be a danger to your trees. Fortunately, you can take a few easy steps to keep your yard healthy and happy all summer. Altering the watering schedule, pest inspections, and tree trimming can all help your trees get though the season.

Here are six tree care tips to have your trees staying healthy all summer:

Storm damage prevention

Summer is prime time for storms. A severe storm can cause branches to fall and damage your home or any other structures on your property. Have a professional tree inspector come and look at any trees that you are worried about this season.

Schedule a pest inspection

Getting a pest inspection for your trees can save you a lot of money and hassle in the future. Tree pests will come out in the summer months and turn to your tree as a source of food or trouble. Get any issues out of the way early so that you can work on preventative measure. 

Increased watering

Tress need water just like we do – especially in the hot weather. Summer weather causes trees to go through water faster than usual, so they need to be watered more frequently. Many trees need one inch of water a week to get to their root system. Don’t over water your trees because that can do some harm to them.


Mulching can be done in the summer. Mulching decreases the amount of weeds, so you should make it part of your yearly routine. Most trees need three to four inches of mulch. Don’t much right around the tree trunk because this can attract bugs and pests. 


Most tree pruning should be done during the off season, but there is still some need for pruning in the summer for some trees. Get rid of any dead or decaying branches that can hinder the health of your trees. Flowering trees can be pruned after they finish flowering in the summer. 


Trees need to stay healthy during their prime season of summer. Fertilization gives trees enough nutrients to be able to thrive and grow, while being able to avoid pests or diseases. Fertilizing your trees once each summer them stay healthy the rest of the year.

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