How Do Cranes Make Tree Removal Safer?

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tree removal with a crane

How Do Cranes Make Tree Removal Safer?

While some tree removal companies opt for using a ladder, some tree projects require workers to get even more elevated heights. At Dudley Tree & Crane, we utilize cranes for our tree removal services. We believe that cranes are the best solution for tree removal, especially in hard to reach spaces like backyards. Here are some reasons why cranes are the safer option for tree removal services in MA:

Removing Trees in Tight Spaces

Cranes make removing trees from narrow and hard to reach places a whole lot easier! When trees are cut down using cranes, they don’t fall straight down to the ground. They are instead lifted from the space where it was cut to ensure safe removal. Removing the tree using a crane will take away the chance of falling on a structure or into the road. It is the safest tree removal option. Cranes also allow for trees to be lifted away from small spaces. This could include trees in between buildings or in a small parking lot area.

Dangerous Situations and Tree Removal

Trees can become unstable from their roots for a bunch of reasons. The tree could be old, storm damage, or rotting. Luckily, cranes can take care of these dangerous trees. Cutting down these trees can be risky because of how they can fall. They might not fall in a straight line, or they could fall unexpectedly during the removal process. The tree removal workers who climb up the tree could be in danger. It is safer for a crane operator to take care of these trees.

Crane Operators Are Highly Trained Professionals

Not everyone can operate a crane. It takes practice and knowledge to maneuver such a large piece of equipment, especially in a smaller area. Setting up the crane may take even longer than getting the tree down! Although cranes are a safer option for tree removal, there will always be risks with any equipment. Someone still has to climb up the tree to cut branches, but the crane will take the tree pieces away for them. Cranes can only hold a certain amount of weight at a time, and the operator needs to be aware of how much that is. Tree pieces are extremely heavy pieces of material! Dudley Tree & Crane has been working in the tree care and removal industry for years. You can count on us to ensure a safe and timely tree removal in your yard!

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The Importance of Hiring a Professional Tree Service

There are certain tasks in your yard that are fine to DIY, but others should be left to professionals. Tree services that include stump grinding, tree removal, tree pruning, and tree trimming should be left to a tree company. What are some reasons to hire a professional tree service?

Experience and Knowledge

There are proper techniques for tree services. Damaging your trees or property is more likely to happen when you don’t have experience in tree services. Knowing the correct way to do these things will help keep your trees healthy and safe. Don’t take a chance and accidentally have your large tree fall on your roof. Leave removal and stump grinding to someone that knows about trees and has been working with them for years – such as us!


Working with trees is a dangerous task, especially when your yard is full of many big trees. There are other factors to consider when it comes to your property and what’s around it – power lines, wood that is decaying, and equipment. When you hire a professional tree service, they are licensed and equipped to handle trees of all kinds. You are better off not trying tree maintenance on your own. For the safety of you and everyone living in your home, please leave it to us!


When you are looking to trim a taller tree than your home, how were you planning to do it? There aren’t ladders tall enough to reach the top of certain backyard trees, nor would it be safe to do on a ladder. At Dudley Tree & Crane, we have the equipment to reach heights that you wouldn’t be able to achieve on your own. We can get all of your tree services done quickly and efficiently without any limitations. 


If you want to be efficient with your tree services, hire a professional to do it all. If you need a tree removed and other trees trimmed, have them do everything. This is the most efficient way of using tree service companies. We are professionals, and we know just how to take care of everything. Our services are quick and easy. Trying to trim and prune trees on your own will take up a whole afternoon or two. We can get it done in one day, without any effort needed on your part.

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