Tips For Transplanting a Tree

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Tips For Transplanting a Tree

Trees can add curb appeal and value to your property. Sometimes after a tree is planted, it needs to be moved to another spot in your yard. This can be due to a construction project, bad soil, or water conditions where it is currently planted. Here are some tips if you are looking to transplant a tree:

Prune The Roots

The process for transplanting a tree begins when you prune the roots. By pruning the roots, you are encouraging the growth of new feeder roots that are close to the base of the tree. These feeder roots absorb nutrients and water to keep the tree healthy. If you want to transplant your tree in the fall, prune the roots in the spring. The transplanting process actually takes months.

Water and Calculate

The day before moving the tree, you should make sure it is getting extra water. Watering it will help the soil stick to the roots. After the tree is properly watered, you should calculate how much of the root ball you need to prune. The root ball should be one foot in width for every inch of the thickness of the trunk.

Cut a Trench

After calculating the size of the root ball, it’s time to make a trench. Make sure to cut into the existing roots that go past the circumference. Fill the trench with soil and carefully place subsoil underneath the topsoil. 

Transplant Your Tree

Make sure your tree is healthy enough before moving it from the existing spot. If the tree is sick or in bad condition, it might not survive the transplant. Hold off on moving it until it is in good condition. 

Choosing a Location

Make sure the new spot you choose for your tree will help it thrive. It should have enough room to grow, proper sunlight, and good soil conditions. Different trees have certain requirements, so make sure you research beforehand.

Dig a Hole and Sever The Roots

Dig a hole for your tree large enough that the feeder roots have enough room to spread out. Then dig your tree out of the exiting spot by severing the roots. Place burlap around the roots and carry the tree to its new home. Fill your tree’s new hole with soil, and you have a transplanted tree! 

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Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and tree pruning are both excellent services to have done to your trees. They help keep your trees healthy and grow properly. Some property owners have trouble knowing the differences between the two. What are the differences between tree trimming and tree pruning?

What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming consists of making your shrubs and trees healthier and grow better. Trimming trees can make them look cleaner and less scraggly. Trimming is usually done about twice a year, depending on the types of trees and their size. If you have excessively overgrown branches, it can harm the tree by reducing the level of moisture and light the tree is able to get. Shrubs and trees should be trimmed twice a year for this reason.

What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is when you remove certain branches that aren’t necessary to the tree and even removing some tree roots. These can be dead branches and roots that serve no purpose to the tree and help the tree look better after being removed. Pruning can also help tree branches that grow in the wrong direction and get stuck in things such as telephone wires. There are two kinds of pruning, pollarding and topiary. These forms of pruning can cause trees to look unnatural. Pollarding is when you prune annually to create new shoots on a yearly basis. Topiary is when you shape shrubs and trees into different shapes or animals. These are not common to see at a house or on a regular basis, but restaurants and fancy hotels are known for having them.

What Equipment is Used For Trimming and Pruning?

For trimming a tree, shears and trimmers are used to help promote healthier growth. When trees are pruned, shears are typically used. These can be lopping shears or hand shears, which are strong enough to be able to cut through thinner branches. If the branches are really thick, you’ll need to use a saw. 

Which is Better?

Neither technique is technically “better” than the other. Both trimming and pruning are needed for certain trees and can help trees in different ways. Certain trees shouldn’t be trimmed while others should. And that goes with pruning as well. Each type of tree has its own needs because of the way it grows and whether or not it flowers. If you ever need help deciding on what your tree needs to thrive, contact Dudley Tree! Tree professionals are there to help. 

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