Tree Removal in Metheun & Lawrence, MA

Our tree, landscaping and lawn care company is known for our professional, prompt, and safe tree removal services. Dudley’s Tree and Landscape is available year-round for emergency or scheduled tree removal services for both homeowners and businesses. Our tree removal equipment is well-maintained and agile enough to fit into even the tightest of yard spaces so as not to disturb surrounding trees and shrubs.

Scheduled Tree Removal Services in Methuen & Lawrence, MA

Dudley’s Tree and Landscape works closely with contractors and construction crews who need help clearing land for new builds or extensions to existing buildings. It can be time consuming trying to remove a tree if you don’t have the correct resources and equipment to do so, which is why opting for our services will save you time and the hassle. Our tree removal experts are here to get the job done efficiently so your crew can focus on what matters.

For homeowners who are interested in tree removal services, it’s important to first determine whether or not the tree or trees in question are on your property and can be removed. If you aren’t sure, contact your town supervisor to inquire about the removal. Once you’ve reached out to our tree removal specialists, our crew will come out to assess the tree or trees in order to give you an accurate project estimate. Project estimates are determined based upon the state of the tree (is it dead or living), the size (trunk circumference and height) as well as the type of tree.

Emergency Tree Removal Services in Methuen & Lawrenence, MA

Living in the North Shore area has it’s benefits and setbacks; one such setback is the often frequent and severe windstorms that sweep across the area. These storms can cause significant and irreparable damage to trees on your property, leading to possible structural damage or landscape damage. In order to ensure the safety of your family or employees, Dudley’s Tree and Landscape is here to provide homeowners and businesses with emergency tree removal services.

We’ll work quickly to remove any sized tree from your property using our cranes all while not disturbing other aspects of your landscape and hardscape. After removing the tree or trees from the property, Dudley’s Tree and Landscape also provides stump grinding services. Our stump grinding services ensure that no remnant of the downed and removed tree can be seen — and your yard will look much more presentable without a leftover stump!

Contact our landscaping company today for scheduled or emergency tree removal services today!