Tree Service & Tree Removal in Lawrence, MA

For over 40 years, Dudley’s Tree and Landscape has been providing professional tree services and lawn care for businesses and homeowners in Haverhill, MA and surrounding towns and cities. Included in our service area is the city of Lawrence. Over the years we have assisted homeowners and businesses with lawn care, hydro seeding, & other landscaping services while also specializing in tree services. Being only 20 minutes from our headquarters in Haverhill allows our technicians to complete our services quickly and efficiently. We take pride in making sure our clients are satisfied with our tree removal or gardening services which is why we always make sure to keep an open line of communication to ensure every need is met.

Tree Services & Tree Removal in Lawrence, MA

Dudley’s Tree and Landscape specializes in professional tree services all year round. We take pride in making sure your homes exterior is not compromised by any tree branches or limbs that may be too close to the house. Branches that are close to a home during a windy day could cause damage to the home or roof. With New England’s unpredictable weather we know the threat this could bring which is why we offer quality tree pruning services in Lawrence, MA. This way homeowners and businesses do not have to worry about potential tree damage throughout the year .Dudley’s also specializes in stump grinding services to get rid of any unwanted tree stomps that are taking up space in your lawn.

Tree Removal in Lawrence, MA

Dudley’s Tree and Landscape specialize in year round tree removal services for homeowners and businesses of Lawrence, MA. Whether you are getting rid of dead trees or opening up space on your property, Dudley’s will take care of the job for you with our team of experienced removers. In addition to traditional tree removal services, we also offer emergency tree removal services in Lawrence in the even of an emergency situation.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services in Lawrence, MA

Homeowners and businesses in Lawrence looking for lawn care services will need to look no further. The Dudley’s Tree and Landscape landscape team is experienced in several different landscaping and lawn care services such as:

  • Hydro seeding.
  • New lawn installation.
  • Mulch delivery and application.
  • Garden bed design and installation.
  • Shrub pruning.

Our professional landscaping services in Lawrence seek to find the perfect balance between a natural appearance and functional aesthetic.

If you are interested in tree services, tree removal, or landscaping services in Lawrence, MA contact us today!

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