Tree Trimming Throughout The Year

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man on a tree limb trimming a branch

Tree Trimming Throughout The Year

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Tree trimming can seem like a daunting task, but there are some benefits to trimming and pruning during any time of the year to get started on proper tree care. Exactly what type of care may depend on the type of tree and you will need to consider the life cycle of the tree itself. While trees of the coniferous variety stay green all year round (think pine and spruce), deciduous trees possess the leaves that change, fall off, and regrow as the seasons change.

Spring Tree Pruning & Trimming

Spring is arguably one of the best times to inspect trees for trimming and pruning needs. In the early part of the season, as buds start to come out more fully, it’s easier to spot those branches that have died. Sap has begun to rise in the tree, and getting rid of excess growth and dead limbs may promote growth in the rest of the tree.

Summer Tree Pruning & Trimming

Summer is a hard month for trimming as the foliage is at its most dense state. If you notice hanging or drooping limbs, those could be removed as soon as you are capable. Take care if you are able to do this yourself, but larger and more mature trees may require professional help in the form of tree trimming services and even require a crane to safely hold and lower large branches. One exception for tree pruning in the summer is certain species (e.g. spring flowering species) can get another round of flowers after the pruning is complete. Trees that produce a lot of sap may also be best trimmed in the summer to avoid dealing with sticky messes.

Fall Tree Pruning & Trimming

Fall is a time to best avoid tree trimming. Unless there are obvious problems to take care of, like broken branches after a bad storm, trees will be more likely to suffer from pruning during this time. Cuts made during the fall don’t have adequate time to heal since the tree is starting to wind down in its life cycle in preparation for winter.

Winter Tree Pruning & Trimming

Winter trimming is best done after the coldest part of the season if it can be helped. While the branches are the most exposed during this time, it will be easier to see growth problems and address them before the weight of spring and summer foliage interfere. The one downside is that dead branches or potentially dead branches will be much harder to spot without that telltale sign of growth.

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