What Is Hydroseeding?

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What Is Hydroseeding?

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Need a new lawn this season but aren’t sure what option is best for your property or your wallet? Our Haverhill landscape and lawn care company recommends hydroseeding for those who are looking for new lawn installation services.

We’re sure you’re familiar with the appearance of hydroseed; it’s that blue-ish green layer that’s sprayed on top of topsoil. However, you might not know exactly what it’s made of.

Hydroseed And How It Works

Hydroseed, also known as hydraulic mulch seeding or hydro-mulching, is made up of a slurry of grass seed, mulch and water. These three ingredients are the perfect starter kit for a lush, green lawn in just a few weeks’ time. The hydroseed ensures that there’s enough moisture for the seeds to germinate and also acts as an insulating mechanism to prevent damage to the seeds. The slurry is brought in by a large truck and is distributed through a large hose to ensure even distribution

Why Choose Hydroseeding

Lawns established by hydroseeding as opposed to by conventional seeding methods tend to grow at a more even rate. Laying down the slurry mixture also takes less time than conventional seeding methods, which can often take a full day or two to apply all the seed and fortifying nutrients. Less time for the lawn care company to apply the hydroseed means less money spent on labor costs for the homeowner! One of the biggest benefits to hydroseed is that the slurry mixture degrades into the soil, whereas conventional seeding requires straw or hay that eventually needs to be removed.

If you’re building a new home or are scrapping your existing yard and starting from scratch, our lawn care and landscaping company recommending hydroseeding for faster results. Contact us today for a free project estimate!

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