What is Softscape Landscaping?

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What is Softscape Landscaping?

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The term “softscape” is not used as regularly as “hardscape” when talking about landscape design. These are the two main landscape design elements, but they are not opposite of each other; instead, they speak to two different features, but together, they can make landscape practical. Let’s focus on softcaping and learn a bit more about what it is really about in the landscaping world.

What Is Softscape?

Softscape refers to the live elements of landscaping, or the horticultural features of landscape design. It all about the plants, trees and grass and flower beds. Other garden components of softscaping include weed/nuisance management, mulching, as well as grading, planting, mowing and trimming. It has nothing to do with anything soft unless it’s softening the straight edge of a patio.

Examples of Softscape

Trees, Shrubs, and Ground Cover
Various types of trees, shrubs, and a range of ground cover can be used to enhance a yard or some other type of landscape. They can create visually appealing outdoor environments and be aesthetically pleasing in landscape design. It’s important to keep in mind the species of trees and shrubs that are native to your region to ensure that they will flourish.
Flower Gardens
Flower gardens can make a great curbside appeal. Different flowers can be incorporated into a garden, and adding both perennials and annuals can make for an attractive palette of color year round. They grow in various ways and can compliment hardscape elements. For instance, spring bulb plants, like Ambassador allium emerge from an underground bulb, and perennials like hollyhock and foxglove grow noticeably tall and soften the look of a fence or wall. On the other hand, some perennials are short and provide ideal ground cover. Tulips are a great example of ground-cover perennials.

Mulch is a softscape component that feeds the soil additional nutrients and can even serve as a decorative element or to have an aesthetic appeal. Mulches can consist of grass clippings, wood, shredded leaves, bark chips, and straw. Mulch is a low-maintenance landscape option that helps to hinder weed growth, retain moisture in the soil and acts as an insulating layer of protection.

Creating gorgeous softscapes can be achieved with the right team of landscapers. You can find local lawn services or softscape services provider that has the experience and capability to use the right type of plantings, placement of softscapes and a range of color shades to create a beautiful yard that will attract people’s attention. Contact Dudley’s today for more information on softscape!

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