man trimming tree branches

What is The Best Time of The Year to Trim Your Trees?

It is often said that the best time to trim your trees is before they start dropping leaves. While this may be true, it can actually be beneficial for you to trim throughout the year. Why? The answer is simple: dead branches and leaves on the ground create a fire hazard during dry weather. Trimming now will make sure that your yard stays safe and clean all year long!

Boost Curb Appeal

If leaves and branches are allowed to fall into your yard, then it is likely that they will be blown around or raked up by you or a landscaping service. This can make an unsightly mess for both of those reasons. Trimming now ensures that you won’t have this issue later on in the season when it’s harder to clean things up! Trimming earlier means dead foliage doesn’t remain stuck to tree limbs through winter months and beyond! The best time for trimming depends on many factors like species of tree, weather conditions, type of branch work performed (reduction versus thinning), etc. Being realistic about what needs doing and when is key.

Avoid Fire Hazards

This time of year, leaves and debris that accumulate in the yard can be a fire hazard during dry months. It’s best to trim your trees throughout the year so dead branches and leaves on the ground don’t create a fire hazard during dry months! Leaves that accumulate in the yard can be dangerous if they’re left there through winter months or beyond. Keeping things clean by trimming now ensures all seasons good looks without burning hazards later on when it’s more difficult to get rid of messes! Trimming regularly makes sense for better curb appeal throughout the year since debris is less likely to pile up with this work finished earlier rather than later depending on many factors like type/species of tree, weather conditions, branch reduction versus pruning (thinning), etc. Your lawn has its best look-and-feel throughout the year when tree limbs are trimmed regularly.

Don’t Forget About Safety

If you’re cutting limbs and branches, then it is important to remember that tree pruning can be dangerous work. When saws are involved there’s always a risk of injury if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Always wear protective equipment like gloves, goggles and hardhats when doing this type of yard work! It doesn’t matter how good your aim is: lawn mowers throw debris in all directions-including back towards the operator! If something hits you or gets thrown into your eyes at high speed, then injuries could result from such accidents. To avoid these types of problems, you may want to hire a professional to trim your trees for you. Not only will it avoid any safety concerns, but your trees will be better off when a professional uses tried and true pruning techniques that protect the health of the tree. Give us a call at 978-373-1510 or contact us for more information.