What is the Difference Between Softscape and Hardscape?

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What is the Difference Between Softscape and Hardscape?

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Landscape is such a general term but when people think landscape they often think lawn, garden, and other living features of a yard. While this is true, there is actually much more to a landscape than just trees, grass, and bushes. Landscape can be broken down into two main categories, or types of landscape. There is softscape, and there is hardscape. Both of these are completely different areas of landscape but are equally as necessary to any landscape project or design.


The softscape aspect of landscaping is the side that is commonly thought of. Softscape includes all of the living aspects of a person’s yard. For example, the lawn or any shrubbery is considered softscape. Softscape is ever-changing because it encompasses the living aspects of your property, there are always plants dying while new ones sprout up. With changing seasons comes changing softscape. Think of anything soft in your yard, grass, bushes; these are all elements of softscape, and may help you distinguish between the two.


Hardscape is the landscape element that people often overlook or don’t even realize. Hardscape is basically anything else in your yard or on your property that is not considered a living thing. Hardscape can include things as little as a birdbath, or a light post, but it can also include things as large as a patio, or a deck. Hardscape can consist of natural products like stone, but for the most part, hardscaping is manmade. Compared to everchanging softscape, hardscape is solid and constant. A patio tends to last longer than a tulip…or it should anyway. Adding or removing hardscape is a more difficult process than it is for softscape and typically requires some level of construction.

Both of these elements are required to have proper landscaping, and luckily, Dudley’s provides both softscape and hardscape services! Contact us today for any of your landscape needs!

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