When Should I Request Tree Removal Service?

When it comes to landscaping, not many homeowners are thinking about the existing trees they have on their property. The majority of the focus goes to garden beds and hardscaping. However, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your trees.

Just like all living things, trees will eventually die — whether this is due from disease, drought, environmental disasters such as storms or lightning, or old age. As a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of the signs of a dying tree so that you can get tree removal service as quickly as possible.

How to tell if a tree is dying or dead

First things first, be sure to do a 360 degree walk-around of your tree. Can you see any “open wounds” or soft spots? These are usually signs of either rot or decay, and these issues could either be concentrated in that one area or widespread. Also check for fungus, moss or lichen that normally shouldn’t be on a tree of that type. If there are any cracks in the bark, then your tree may be shifting and unstable.

After you’ve checked the tree, the next step is to grab a twig or small branch from your tree. If you are having a difficult time breaking a piece off from the tree, then this means it’s in good health. However, if the branch or twig snaps quickly without the use of force, then this means that either the whole branch or the whole tree is dead or dying.

If you can’t reach any branches or twigs due to your tree’s height, then perform a bark test. Using a knife or your fingers, peel a piece of the bark off your tree. If the wood beneath the bark isn’t green, then your tree is dead or dying and should be removed immediately. Also check for signs of bug activity beneath the bark (squiggly lines indicate bug activity).

After checking your tree and you’ve determined that it’s dead or dying after performing these inspections and tests, please give Dudley’s Tree and Landscape a call as soon as possible. Our crew uses large cranes and other tools to break down and remove the tree. We also recommend stump removal services after the tree has been removed.

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