Why Stump Grinding Services Is Important

As a homeowner, you’ve most likely had to deal with the removal of a tree at one point or another. Whether the tree fell on it’s own accord and had to be removed, or it was a conscious decision to remove it, any tree removal leaves behind a stump.

After tree removal services from a professional landscaper, it’s generally up to the homeowner to decide whether or not they want the stump grinding services. Stump grinding requires specific machinery designed to chip away at the existing stump until it’s gone. This service generally takes an hour or two.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need stump grinding, here are a few reasons to go ahead and make the call after your tree is removed.

  • Aesthetics. All things considered, stumps are just plain unsightly to look at and can even decrease your home’s value depending on where the stump is located in your yard and how large it is. Even if the rest of your yard is gorgeous, the stump will be the center of (negative) attention.
  • Hazard. Stumps that stick out of the ground are an accident waiting to happen. Leftover tree stumps aren’t only not good for lawn equipment, but also aren’t good for any friends or family members who use the yard. Reduce the number of stubbed toes and faceplants by opting for stump grinding services.
  • Space. Although a small stump from a birch tree may not take up much yard space, having a stump leftover from a massive oak or other hardwood can end up taking up a lot of space in your yard. As a landscaping professional, our job is to maximize the given space of your yard. By removing massive stumps, this could end up freeing up space for a garden bed or new trees and shrubs.
  • Critters. Don’t forget that there are critters out there who love to call old, decaying stumps their home. Termites, ants, grubs and other burrowing creatures are often attracted to the dying stump. Depending on how close that stump is in relation to your home, these critters might just migrate from the stump to your home — and then the problem suddenly becomes much worse!

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